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  • Lumber Early (Opinion): July 21st, 2016 July 21, 2016

    Good Morning,

    It was a very quiet futures session yesterday, as the trade continued to look for direction. It was in the fourth session that the market spiked lower. The futures are attempting to find value and not able to get there. I think that's an indication of the anxiety in the cash market. We are at the point where if the trade was to step back in, it will be at substantially higher levels than their last buys. It's a tough call to make; step in to have some product or go fishing for the rest of the summer. 
    It would be very healthy for the market to pullback to the 316 - 312 area. That would clean up all the over bought condition. With the upcoming roll next week, we could see some added pressure to help in down there. Looking back to 2013, we spent July through December bouncing off the $320 mark. I wonder if the steady demand curve out there may cause a trade somewhat similar to that?

    Brian V. Leonard
    Leonard Commodities, Inc.
    (888) 800-3543

  • U.S. Senators Turn Up the Heat in Canadian Lumber Dispute July 21, 2016

    The Canadian government fired back Wednesday at "inaccurate" claims from a group of influential American senators who are demanding the U.S. government support legal action against Canadian lumber exporters this October. Read more here


  • MetLife Agricultural Finance Forecasts U.S. Housing Starts to be 16% Below Consensus July 21, 2016

    The huge Millennial generation has not yet reached home-buying age and credit remains tight, causing MetLife to predict that housing starts will reach 1.5 million by 2020, 16% below consensus. Read more here

  • U.S. Home Construction Posted Solid Gains in July July 21, 2016

    Home construction jumped 46.3% in the Northeast and 17.4% in the West. Read more here

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